Before and Ever After Pictures

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…

And while many of the posts on this blog contain new and old pictures, it seemed fitting to put several of them in one place.

Like so many of us, my weight has gone up and down over the years. For most of my adult life I have been morbidly obese (I really hate that terminology…“morbidly obese”…it sounds so cold and clinical in reference to something so physically and emotionally draining). At one point I weighed more than 300 pounds. I have lost over 130 pounds in the past several years.

How have I done it? There is no magic formula, secret supplement or special diet. In fact, my experience has been the exact opposite. I’m not on a diet. Instead, I have fundamentally changed my relationship with food and I have incorporated activity into my life. Every single day. For the rest of my life.

This blog details many of the ins and outs, ups and downs, challenges and epiphanies I have experienced and continue to explore on a daily basis. My journey toward creating a life more extraordinary is a work in progress. I will never be finished.

I am not sharing these pictures because I want a pat on the back for my accomplishments.

I also don’t want these pictures to imply that I am better, happier or more deserving now than I was when I was heavier. I love the girl in the “before” pictures just as much as I love the girl in the “after” pictures. I have never believed that my weight or the size of my pants determines my worth or what I have to offer the world. My weight did, however, limit what I could physically do and that had a very real and significant impact on the overall quality of my life.

I share these picture in the hopes of making my stories and experiences on this blog more authentic, and to give hope and inspiration to others that may be seeking a healthier more active life.

I don’t know the exact dates on most of these pictures but they are generally in chronological order, with the most recent images at the bottom. Also, you will see my wonderful partner Glenn in many of the pictures on this page, as well as the rest of the blog, as we are on this journey together (and because we are basically attached at the hip…so any picture of me is likely to have him in it too!).


IMG_0386 DSCN3043 IMG_0342 IMG_0858  "Before" picture 12 Murry and Glenn on vacation DSC_3014 IMG_4781 IMG_5336 Photo Dec 24, 9 00 35 IMG_4735 IMG_5579 IMG_5234 IMG_5214

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  5. Just wanted to tell you that this whole blog/site is amazing.
    It was an honor to meet you guys in Peru, hope our paths cross again some time.

    • Thanks Ross! It was great meeting you too, and to find a kindred soul that appreciates the joy of hiking in solitude! Would love to travel with you again in the future!

  6. Hi Michele!
    It’s Amie, from Dallas! Your dad’s flight buddy. I just want to congratulate you and Glen! What an amazing journey you both have had, you look healthy and alive!!! I love it!
    One day we shall meet, and thanks for seeing Lisa, she looks as if Portland fits her perfectly.
    I’m still in Dallas and have decided to stay a bit longer to build my health coaching biz’ in a city where I have lots of connections; while the coaching can be done virtually and eventually that’s what my preference is, my skincare business is what actually sustains me until the coaching can become full time. ( I have yet to chat with your dad about all of this so when you see him tell him we need a phone date)
    Your family seems lovely and your parents are so proud of you two, it will be wonderful when I can hug you all but for now, please keep up the blogs and stay connected on FB (healthy bohemian or my personal page) if you’d like.
    Much Peace and Joy!

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