Hiking Dog Mountain

This past weekend Glenn and I set out to hike Dog Mountain – a notorious hike in the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon.

I have always been too intimated to try this hike – a seven mile loop with 2,800 feet of elevation gain. Very steep going up…and just as steep coming down! When you tell people you are going to hike Dog Mountain you inevitably get an eye roll and a comment akin to “oh, I did that hike once.” Apparently once is enough for most people.

The posted map at the trailhead highlights your route options as either ‘more difficult’ or ‘most difficult.’


Doesn’t get more intimidating than that!

The weather didn’t cooperate with our adventure plans. It was cold, rainy and windy. And, since the summit was socked in with fog, we didn’t get the big payoff of an amazing view.


Making my way to the summit with “Honeydew.”

In the end I think the weather worked to our advantage because it meant the trail wasn’t as crowded as it tends to be during the summer months. This enabled us to plod along at a nice leisurely pace. Our dogs “Honeydew” and “Linus” are getting used to their new backpacks and did a great job of carrying their own supplies of water and treats.

Enjoying the view before entering the fog above.

Enjoying the view before entering the fog above.

We had a great first trip up Dog Mountain. Our calves are sore, but otherwise it felt great and we look forward to doing it again soon! Maybe we’ll even give that ‘most difficult’ route option a try someday.

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